More Adventures to Come

I have enjoyed blogging about my adventures so far this winter, and look forward to continuing to do so into the spring. The spring will bring warmer weather and an opportunity to go on more day hikes, the sun will be setting later and more daylight will mean more time spent outside.


One of the coolest things about SLO’s location is the many hills and mountains to climb, and as the seasons change (as much as seasons in Central California can change, that is…) so does the scenery.

In the fall when I arrived in SLO, the hills were brown. The winter has brought rain and green grass blanket the surrounding landscapes. Now that spring is here, there have been many flowers popping up on these green hills. Today I am going to talk about a few of the different kinds you can encounter on your hikes.

There are over 7,000 different kinds of species of native plants in California. Although the displays of flower vary by year, you can usually count on finding a few kinds of them around SLO county. My personal favorites include the California Poppy and the lupine.

Eschscholzia californica

The famous California poppy officially became the state flower in 1903. Every April 6th is California Poppy day, and May 13-18 is poppy week. It can be found in many other of the lower 48 states and parts of Canada as well.


Another one of my personal favorite wildflowers of California is the

Lupinus californicus

A more common plant, this purple flower can be seen in the hills over the county of SLO and is also native to much of the U.S. Although the seeds are poisonous to humans, the butterflies and hummingbirds are huge fans of its stocky build and plentiful petals.


There are many other kinds of wildflowers blooming in the central coast this time of year, and if you see any you aren’t sure about, you can look them up at the Theodore Payne Foundation’s for wild flowers and native plant’s website, or call the wildflower hotline at (818) 768-3533.

More Adventures to Come

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