Blogging Self Evaluation

Over the past couple months, my blog has gained a decent amount of internet traffic. The first month, January, was the busiest month, with 215 views between 72 visitors. All of these visitors were in the United States. I even gained a few followers the first month. Things slowed down a bit in February in terms of traffic, but my posts did not.

The most looked at post in February was my Sunrise Yoga post.

Cerro San Luis Sunrise Yoga

In fact, the sunrise yoga post was the most popular single post to have been looked at so far. I even had one person from Canada check out my blog in February over the course of the 45 visitors.

So far in March, 23 people have checked out the page for 46 views, two of which were from Canada! (Maybe next month there will be three? ;)) The majority of the March views were simply at the home page, and not at any specific post.

On my third big blog about healthy eating for a hike, two people “liked” ♥ it which was encouraging. One person said they felt like they were more informed about how they should eat, even if they weren’t going on a hike.

My writing is engaging enough to keep readers coming back for more, as proved by the steady statistics. I have been getting referred to by, which was exciting, because I have diligently used their website to research past and future hikes. Over time I have gained more credibility through my hiking experience.

I could have done a better job of promoting my blog via twitter, but I did use facebook to promote my blog, because I have a bigger friend audience on facebook who would see my promotion.


I give my readers personal stories and information gained from a first person perspective that needs to be experienced, rather than just being “googled.” A couple people told me they really enjoyed reading the stories about specific hikes, and especially viewing the pictures.

At times, it was challenging thinking of other topics to talk about rather than just single hikes. There were a couple roadblocks along the way, when more than one of my big hikes got cancelled. I was not only disappointed I couldn’t go on it anymore, I wasn’t able to use it for a post. This is where I needed to get creative, and how I came up with the ideas to incorporate in topics like how to eat on a hike, and what gear to bring.

My favorite thing to write about was the hikes themselves. I enjoyed sharing the pictures and describing the adventure. It was informative to also blog about topics like famous hikers and the timeline of famous climbs.

In the last few official posts, I am going to make sure to use more quotes and better headlines for Search Engine Optimization and maximum views.

I will continue to write about my hikes after this class is over, but I will mostly stick with writing short stories about the hikes rather than going into depth about other hiking topics.

Beautiful green hills and the ocean on the other side of the peak
Gaviota Peak

Some inspiration I was able to gather for my own blog came from other blogs like Poly Escapes Trip Leader Ashley, on her own Adventure Blog. Zach Davis, who successfully thru-hiked the Appalachian trail in 2011 on his first hiking trip ever, won the number one hiking blogger spot among USA today readers for his blog Appalachian Trials. Both of these served as inspiration and were informative for my own writing.

Blogging Self Evaluation

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