Every Trail in California at Your Fingertips

There’s an app on the apple store called “California State Parks-by Maplets” which for 99 cents allows anyone to download a topo map of any California State Park.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.32.16 PM

Here are some excellent reasons to use this extremely helpful app:

1) It saves paper!

2) Organization. No more folding and unfolding and folding wrong and creases in the wrong places in the map, and far less frustration.

3) The maps are available at an instant and don’t require an internet connection to use once downloaded.

4) Maps are GPS tagged which means you can locate yourself on them while traveling, hiking, or biking.

5) The app also includes National Park maps in all states as a bonus.

6) You can add notes to any downloaded map, drop a pin to mark a meeting point and measure a distance or draw a route.

7) Organize different maps into different folders for even easier access on specific routes.

8) An included hotline to get updates on things like weather (this however, requires an internet connection)

9) You can open your pins in Maps or Google Maps, including location.

10) New maps are always being added, and you will get an immediate notification when this happens.

Check it out in the app store, and next time you go on a trip make sure to download it and access all the maps for only 99 cents!

Every Trail in California at Your Fingertips

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