Sunrise Yoga on Cerro San Luis

My not-so-balanced Tree pose with Bishop’s peak in the background


On the morning of Saturday, January 30th, I went on a sunrise yoga hike on the 1,292 foot San Luis Mountain, or what is more frequently referred to as Madonna. Cerro San Luis is one of the “Nine Sisters,” a chain of volcanic peaks which stretch East from Morro Bay.

Goin UP on a Saturday

Actually, I didn’t even go to bed before the hike, since we left at 5:30a.m., but I don’t recommend that… Staying up for 26 hours straight isn’t as great as you would think.

We met at the trailhead at 5:30a.m., and then hiked through the fog, and it was COLD. The hike up took about 45 minutes and by the time we reached the top, the sun was just risen above the clouds.

Bishop’s Peak surrounded by morning fog

We did some yoga at the top led by trip leaders and co leaders, and then enjoyed some fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt parfaits and hot chocolate for breakfast. Then we hiked down the mountain and got back to campus around 10:30a.m. As the rest of the campus was waking up, I went to bed!!

It was a beautiful hike. Cerro San Luis has many different trails going different directions, so I know I’m going to do another hike there sometime in the future. Sunrise hikes are very peaceful, and it’s enjoyable to see the world (including the Cal Poly Campus!) waking up around you as you practice yoga on top of a mountain.

Sunrise Yoga on Cerro San Luis

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