Cal “P”oly

Stephanie Chin and me sitting on the bottom of Cal Poly’s iconic P.

Today one of my Poly Escapes Co Leaders and I went on a sunset hike to the “P” behind the Cal Poly red brick dorms! It was cool crisp weather, so we used the be bold, start cold” technique. This technique is when you wear less layers than you think you will need to start off, because as you hike, your body temperature rises and you work up a sweat. If you are extremely sweaty when you reach the top and stop hiking, you will feel colder.

To get to the trailhead, climb up to the highest level parking lot behind the dorms and follow the dirt path at the top to the cattle gate, where the trail begins. The hike is a shorter trip, only about 25 minutes up the longer and less steep way, and about 20 to 25 minutes back down. For those who live on campus no transportation is required except for your own two feet.

The “P” hike is a Poly student favorite, which I have done on many occasions during all times of day and night, and will never get tired of!

Click here  and scroll down for more information on the history and tradition of the “P” at Cal Poly.

Cal “P”oly

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