Fast Adventures in SLO County

Bishop Peak from Cerro San LuisMy name is Molly O’Brien, and I am a firm believer that the experiences we have as people shape who we are and grow to be.

If we are not making progress we are moving backwards, and in order to expand our minds and make new progress we must seek adventure. College is the perfect time for this. Sure, money can be tight, but we are surrounded by people our own age with similar interests and goals who are growing up with us in a place where adventure is everywhere: San Luis Obispo.

Many students take advantage of their time here by creating bucketlists and checklists of what they must do before graduation. Students enjoy other opportunities to be social both on and off campus and realize that college is not all about academics, and that there are many things to be learned by living. Some even take the opportunity to live in another country and learn about another culture by studying abroad. This blog will follow the journey to explore the well known and relatively unknown places in San Luis Obispo County and the amazing experiences that come with it.

Fast Adventures in SLO County

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